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Achieving radical Smart Place outcomes for business, employees and society

Bridging silos with evidence and understanding

to optimise the design, operation and experience of built environments

Productivity, innovation, and wellbeing freed from silo thinking

Peoplespace has a 20-year track record of coordinating multi-discipline integration in the envisioning, design, and delivery of people-centred built environments.  Read More >>

Our History

Reliably Exceeding Expectations

Optimising people, business and sustainability benefits, by improving collaboration, user satisfaction and responsible sustainable growth while delivering annual property cost savings of, on average, 40%.

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

In 2022 we are excited to be celebrating 20 years of providing innovative solutions and delight for our customers. Read More >>

Our Clients:

Our Purpose

Ready or Not, the Future is Coming

How do we balance the needs of people, economics, and our planet?

We are here to help you:

  • Balance these needs to achieve responsible, sustainable growth.
  • Facilitate game changing initiatives backed by robust evidence and scenario option cost-benefit analysis.
  • Inspire stakeholder consensus and inform accurate prediction and proactive management of changing needs and events, enabling faster response with targeted interventions.
  • Overcome silo limitations to multiply and optimise people, business and sustainability benefits.

Peoplespace proudly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through our business, our values and our volunteering activities, and through the outcomes we deliver for our clients, with positive impacts for:

    • Responsible Growth
    • Community
    • Sustainability
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Promoting Social Innovation

Our Research

Ground Breaking Practical Solutions

Increase productivity, wellbeing and social value in your smart place projects, by working with us and in collaboration with our partners (universities, local authorities, and businesses), all seeking to enable responsible sustainable growth goals.

Our multi-disciplinary technical, academic, and business consulting team work together in ground breaking research and the development of practical solutions.


Our Partners:

Our Solutions

Enabling a Better Future

Our unique combination of solutions and advisory services are underpinned by 20+ years’ experience of leading the multi-discipline design and delivery of over 15 million ft2 of human-centred smart place initiatives.











Anonymous Zone Risk & Interaction Analytics

Use live anonymous data and real-time analytics to improve innovation, sustainability, experience, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Spatial behaviour, movement, and collaboration analytics in real-time, with Digital Twin generation and interactive predictive modelling, could help the following:


All Together Smarter

Collaborative System Thinking Support

Achieve your sustainable growth and impact investing goals by increasing productivity and social value in your built environments.

Target future proofed investment and accelerate benefits with our All Together Smarter approach to smart working and smart place Innovation.


Smart Place Design

People-centred Affordance Based Design

Deliver greater performance from your smart place investments, with designs centred on how the built environment affects the way people feel and what it enables and encourages them to achieve.


Our Services

Our Dream Team

Working with Peoplespace you will enjoy support from our dream team of subject matter experts, natural collaborators, and problem solvers. Our menu of services is designed to help you optimise the results of every stage of your project, enabling you and your team to overcome silo limitations to create new opportunities for transformative connect thinking in strategic vision, solution engineering and implementation. Read More >>




System Thinking



Design & Delivery



Our Reputation

Our Reputation and Yours is Important to Us

Expand the potential for your projects with innovations you can trust.  Your satisfaction and feedback after every project is very important to us.  Equally we strongly believe in doing the right thing, in the advice and support we provide and in what we enable for you and your organisation.

Our solutions and services are specifically designed to help the formation and delivery of responsible sustainable development goals while protecting personal data and anonymity.  In addition to GDPR compliance, we only use trustworthy ethical artificial intelligence, and we monitor and evaluate our business performance against our values.

Customer Feedback:

Our Values


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Project Examples

Empowering Smart Place Innovation

Leading cross-sector collaborative projects, with business, academic and public sector partners

Hybrid Working for Royal Borough of Greenwich

Stakeholder engagement, solution design and implementation for Future of Work pilot and roll-out programme

Smart Place AI

AI technology for monitoring and predictive modelling of people interaction, collaboration and decision-making behaviours, within dynamic place scenarios

Waverley Abbey Estate

Stakeholder interviews, vision consensus workshops and master planning for bringing to life historical and environmental significance of 120 acre estate

Healthcare Modernisation

Strategy advice for solution design and implementation programming of £73m technology and service delivery transformation

Smart Workplaces for Lenovo

US, Asia, Europe and Israel stakeholder engagement in leading vision, design and delivery of smart working and new head offices in Paris, Milan and Madrid

Smart Accommodation for Southern Water

Asset review of 73 buildings to assess rationalisation and development opportunities and modelling of optimal smart place scenarios

Smart Sustainability for Mott MacDonald

Site evaluation and smart place designs achieving Ska Gold sustainability rating for biophilic agile workspaces. Multiple business benefits including saving £2.3m pa

Smart Offices for Orange SA and HSBC

Highly adaptable modular “plug & play” workplaces for 3000 Orange staff designed and delivered within 9mths, inspiring a referral project for HSBC which received HSBC award for innovation

Greater Satisfaction for Hewlett Packard

Reduced office space from 7,800 m2 to 5,500 m2 while accommodating 100 additional staff and increasing employee satisfaction by 5.8%, with ROI within 16 months

“Best JCB Office on The Planet”

Rescued failed building construction project to deliver outstanding result within the original budget

Historic England

Reduced Guildford workplace space requirements by 50%, supporting same staff numbers, and while improving teamwork, collaboration & satisfaction

National Army Museum

Increasing practicality and capacity in 40% less space, creating new multi-purpose study library and conference centre, and improving working environment and collaboration spaces


Agile workplace for 170 people successfully delivered within 9 weeks, including building selection, workspace design and complete fit out, meeting challenging demands and media scrutiny

Surrey Police

Workplace utilisation and work environment review, informing development of accommodations strategy and solutions for reducing costs while enhancing estate for new ways of working and collaboration with partners

Cadogan Clinic

Improved customer experience and increased capacity for 30% more clinical operations, within the the same amount of space

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