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Optimise the benefits and efficiency of Smart Place innovations and projects

SMART Hybrid Working, SMART Workplaces, and SMART Cities

intelligent environments enhancing collaboration, wellbeing, and the quality of life

Our clients :

Smart Economic Growth

We are here to help you harness the full capability and potential of your
co-innovation, cross-functional and multi-discipline teams
We bring people together, inspire different connected thinking and expand the possible

to innovate and to build productive and high performing smart environments

to improve collaboration, health, well-being, and to energise and optimise a sustainable future


Zone Insight

In addition to providing specialist services for data gathering and analysis
our multi-disciplinary technical, academic, and business consulting team works together to develop

unique advanced Zone Insight technologies

for interpreting asset affordances and human behaviour in dynamic place scenarios
  •  Site conditions
  •   Spatial occupancy
  • Movement
  • Collaboration behaviour
  • Health and well-being factors
enabled by our AI gateways
  • Interpreting dynamic place scenarios
  • Using artificial intelligence
  • Deep learning algorithms
  • Cutting edge science
  • Sensor inputs (environment, sounds, object recognition, posture, emotions)
to capture live, anonymous data.

Our partners

Working in collaboration with our partners
our research and development activities are focused in four areas

Cutting edge science and technology for Zone Insight

Resource Efficiency

Deliver greater sustainability and resilience in your built environments, by using Zone Insight sensors and

artificial intelligence, to identify which existing physical elements of the space could be reconfigured or reconstituted, to reduce waste, save cost and increase project benefits.  Use Zone Insight to make a meaningful contribution to the circular economy.
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Collaboration Performance

Facilitate more collaboration and innovation, by using Zone Insight to measure non-verbal communication and

sentiments prevailing in different scenarios,  to understand how different objects, equipment, spatial characteristics, and changing environmental conditions can influence interaction behaviours, group dynamics, and decision making. Improving collaboration is known to increase morale, productivity, and the potential for higher performance.
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Informing Smarter Place Design

Gain a better understanding of how human behaviour and productivity can be influenced by spatial environment factors,

using Zone Insight real-time analytics to interpret element affordances in dynamic place scenarios. Enabling your design team to achieve outstanding results, and your place management teams to monitor risks and provide the optimal targeted response to changing circumstances.
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Well-being & Enriched Living

Ensure your Smart Places promote health and well-being, and positively impact the quality of life, to multiply the

benefits and sustainability of each built environment. Use Zone Insight to pinpoint which zones and objects need intervention to improve health, wellbeing, and user experience, and to provide real-time alerts and automated calls to care professionals or emergency services if the imminent risk is identified.
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Zone Innovation

Overcome silo limitations to create new opportunities

Transformative connected thinking in strategic visions,
solution engineering and implementation.

Our Approach


The Future


Cost Certainty


Project Success

Optimal Design




Holistic Benefits

Senior Buy-in

Risk Avoidance

………. easier

In 2022 we will be celebrating our 20th year of providing specialist Smart Place advisory services
Increase innovation proficiency in multi-sector / multi-discipline collaboration

Our unique 4iP-Go process blends various techniques, including RIBA Plan of Work, Design Thinking, Agile & Scrum methodologies and Lean business models, to guide innovation strategy development in an iterative process of shaping and executing.

Expert advice and practical support for Zone Innovation:

Strategic Envisioning & Diligence

Inspire cross-functional connected thinking, consensus, buy-in, and clear leadership.  Make a difference,

with lasting positive impact, to solve current business, social or environmental challenges, the right way, reliably, efficiently, and fast. Methodically progress through 12 steps of due diligence, with guidance and support from our Zone Innovation coaching team. Disrupt silo thinking with mixed-method inquiry and scenario analysis, to expand the possible and tap into your full potential, together.
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Integrated SMART Place Design

Shape your ideal project solution and optimise its benefits and efficiency.  With guidance and support from our

Zone Innovation experts, facilitate multi-discipline integrated creativity in the people-centered Affordance Based Design of your built environments.  Improving the rate of idea generation and risk mitigation, and the speed and accuracy of results, from a convergence of the latest advances and research, in human behaviour, construction, and IoT technologies. Working together to determine the potential levels of suitability, performance, and adaptability in solution options, to strengthen the benefits and sustainability of each strategic initiative.
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The Post-COVID Workplace

Overcome the challenges of the new normal and realise the full benefits of Hybrid Working.  Improve the design,

safety, and well-being of your workspaces, to encourage employees to come to work to engage, collaborate and thrive. Benefit from over 20 years of experience in office accommodation strategy, Smart Working, and Affordance Based Design, with our Zone Innovation experts here for you, to guide and support you at every stage.  Create Smart Workplaces that adapt to all needs of the post-COVID working day.  Optimise the business advantages of new ways of working, promote an innovation and collaboration culture, and support the increasing demographic diversity and adaptive ability of your employees.
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Culture Change & Project Delivery

Meet your project objectives and exceed expectations, in time and within budget.  Inspire buy-in consensus,

active stakeholder engagement, and project team creativity, with support from our Zone Innovation coaching team and multi-disciplinary advisory services. Enabling leadership of a clear unified vision, underpinned by a holistic business case and project road maps, backed by Zone Insight data evidence, scenario modeling, and expert analysis. Using our 4iP-Go methodology to provide a people-centered creative framework, for design, engineering, technology, and people strategies. Increasing the value of engaging stakeholders & employees, and guiding collaborative innovation, to multiply project benefits.
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Strategic Thinking, Faster Implementation, Lower Cost

Making time for more connected strategic thinking at the beginning enabled faster implementation, with increased benefits, at a lower cost.   And each country manager feels they have the best Lenovo office in Europe!

Author Image

Deidre Buzzetto Director of International Real Estate & Workplace Lenovo

Supporting New Styles of Working

Our investments in real estate and IT infrastructure has made it possible to now accommodate more employees in the office and also support new styles of working which we believe will further HP’s business strategies and objectives

Author Image

Michael Thacker Corporate Media Relations, HP

Challenging, Complex, and Ultimately Successful!

“The programme team are incredibly grateful to you and your colleagues for your help and support during a challenging, complex and ultimately successful programme.”
– by Simon James IPSA Implementation Programme Team

Transformed our Working Environment!

“The approach has transformed the quality of our working environment.  I am still amazed by the amount of practical attractive space that has been created”
– by Mike O’Connor, Operations Director, National Army Museum

Strongly Recommend!!!

“Peoplespace has proven their quality performance and we strongly recommend working with them”
– by Sanit Sakphichaimongkol, Senior Facilities Manager, HSBC

This is an Excellent Achievement!

– by Paul Ashley, Group Practice Manager, Mott MacDonald

New Era for HP!

“The Peoplespace Team have brought a new era to HP workspaces.”
– Kittikoon Gajaseni, Facility Country Manager, Hewlett Packard

Best JCB Office on the Planet!

– by Richard Harris, Dealer Standards Manager, JCB

Better Place to Work!

“The office is brighter, friendlier and altogether a better place to work. ”
– Dr Andy Brown, Assistant Regional Director English Heritage